Thank You Fans…

What a great year it was in Baseballtown this season. Hopefully, it’s not over yet!

The R-Phils played their last home games of the 2011 season on Saturday, August 27 due to the threat of Hurricane Irene. The club split their doubleheader with Portland, losing the second game by a score of 4-2. With that loss, they fell out of second place, and are now 0.5 games out of the final spot.

And, while we hope to host our fans again in 2011 for some playoff games — I thought it was time to take a look back at the 2011 regular season. It was a season I’ll never forget. I would also love to hear from the fans. What did you like most about the 2011 season? All feedback is welcome!

In the upcoming weeks, I am going to put together a “Top 10 Moments” of the 2011 season on here — so make sure you check back each week for the next Top 10 moment. I’ll have photos, as well as a story, and, I am hoping to have some words from the fans. Leave me your Top 10 Moments, and I’ll add your comments to this blog.

In the meantime, continue following for all of the latest news and notes. Listen to the final games of the season on ESPN Radio 1240 AM WIOV.

The R-Phils are in a playoff race — nothing could be more exciting than that!

As I close this blog for now, I just wanted to say thank you to all of the fans who make it so great to come to work. Your continued support is tremendous. The passion you show for this team is amazing, and we thank you for that.


  1. Richard Cattermole

    I have a great idea for a theme night.
    We’ll call it “No BS, just Baseball”
    You could do it early in the season when it’s cold so you won’t loose too much money. Turn off the monster scoreboard. No audio except a low volume organ if you have one. No contests between innings. No pleas to “make some noise”. Mascots get the night off, Same for hot dog vendor and other cast of distractions. If you really need a contest you could print numbers in the programs and call out numbers. A night for baseball.. Just one.

  2. Angela Viola

    This Blog is great love reading all the info off season.You are always informative and like reading your stories. eep up the good work.,

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