550 pounds…

550 pounds — yes, that’s what it weighs. No, I’m not talking about the Baseballtown Big Dipper. I’m talking about the Life-Size Crazy Hot Dog Vendor statue, which arrived this week. One lucky fan will take it home for FREE on Sunday, as the R-Phils are set to give away this instant collectible.

So, what do you do with this thing you may ask? Well, that’s a great question. I would love to hear from fans on what they would do with it. Me, well that’s easy. I would put it on my doorstep. Who needs a guard dog when you have the Crazy Hot Dog Vendor guarding your door! Best way to greet people, right?

The Crazy Hot Dog Vendor is a staple of the R-Phils ballpark experience. Fans love when his music hits, the video plays on the videoboard, and GM Scott Hunsicker introduces him. Once he runs out onto the field, the crowd goes crazy. Fans immediately jump out of their seats and try to catch delicious Berks Packing hot dogs. It’s a great part of the Reading Phillies experience!

As for the 550-pound statue, well, if you want to see it in-person before Sunday, make your way to the ballpark on Friday and Saturday. It will be displayed at America’s Classic Ballpark for all to see. Or, check out 69 NEWS WFMZ TV tonight at 5:30 to see some up-close video of it.

We’ll see you at the ballpark this weekend!

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