Great World Series = Poor Ratings…

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I was all set to talk about last night’s great game, which saw the Rangers beat the Cardinals 2-1, but first, I’m a little angry. Where are all of the baseball fans?

Game 2 was another great game, but sadly, nobody watched it. The ratings for Game 1 were down from a year ago, and the ratings from Game 2 were down from Game 1 — ugh! Why aren’t people watching the World Series? Where are all the baseball fans hiding?

The ratings probably won’t get any better either, due to Sunday Night Football and Monday Night Football during Game 4 and Game 5, respectively. And, the sad thing is, it’s not like this week’s Sunday and Monday night football games are even worth watching.

On Sunday Night Football this week, NBC will show the New Orleans Saints (4-2) hosting the Indianapolis Colts (0-6). That’s a horrible matchup, but it will get more ratings than the World Series — guaranteed!

On Monday Night Football this week, ESPN will show the Jacksonville Jaguars (1-5) hosting the Baltimore Ravens (4-1). Another bad game from the NFL — but it will have bigger ratings — guaranteed!

I say shame on you baseball fans! Watch the World Series! There are so many great storylines, and so many great players in this year’s Fall Classic.

Albert Pujols, who is set to be a free agent this offseason, is trying to win one more ring with the Cardinals. Tony La Russa, who drives me crazy by the way, is looking for his 3rd World Series win.

The Rangers, back for a second-straight season, are looking for their first-ever World Series win in franchise history. And, how about the story of Josh Hamilton, who went through so much to get back to the baseball diamond?

I can go on and on. And, if you are someone that needs all of that, than great. As for me, all I need are two teams facing off in a winner-take-all series.

You know why? The answer is simple: because I am a BASEBALL FAN!

Yes, that’s right, I live for baseball. I work in baseball, I watch baseball, I eat, sleep, and breathe baseball.

Tune in and find out for yourself why the World Series is worth watching. There is something for everyone — I promise!

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