Mr Belding Returns TONIGHT!

I grew up watching Saved by the Bell. I never missed an episode. I wanted to be Zack Morris. I wanted to date Kelly Kapowski. I wanted to be a part of the greatest teen show ever!

Last year, I got to meet Mr. Belding. We talked, I watched him sing karaoke, I took him through the clubhouse to meet the players — it was awesome.

Well, tonight, Mr. Belding returns to America’s Classic Ballpark. He raved about our stadium last year. He said it had that “Fenway Park feel to it”. Well, wait until he sees what we did with the place.

Mr. Belding will be here tonight to meet and greet fans, and well, do much more. Here’s a bit  from my press release…

The series continues Wednesday, June 22, as the R-Phils are set to host a special “School’s Out Teacher Night” at the ballpark, and will bring back the great Mr. Belding from the television show “Saved by the Bell”, thanks to Good Neighbor Pharmacy. Fans of the show “Saved by the Bell” – one of the most popular television shows ever, will not want to miss their favorite television principal on Wednesday, as he will meet and greet fans and also sign autographs.

Also, this year, Mr. Belding will host an Adult Spelling Bee and Karaoke Jam starting at 5:00 p.m. in VIST Financial Plaza, thanks to Rock Hits Y102. During this great event, fans 21-years-old and over can take advantage of another Happy Hour (5:00-6:00 p.m.) in VIST Financial Plaza, with $1 off all beers, thanks to Miller Lite.

I’m excited to welcome Mr. Belding back to Reading tonight. It was great to see him interact with our players. We all gre up on Saved by the Bell.

Last year, I had the chance to talk to him for an interview and he was great. He even appeared in my post-game interview with Michael Spidale — check him out here.

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