New Sensation in the Nation — “Baseballtown Big Dipper”

Who’s hungry? No, I mean, who’s really hungry?

Well, the R-Phils are looking for fans with appetites, as we introduced the “Baseballtown Big Dipper” on Saturday and so far, so good!

As part of the celebration on Saturday, we held a pre-game eating contest and we had two teams of eight eat this great new Baseballtown treat.

The “Baseballtown Big Dipper” consists of 24 scoops of ice cream, with your choice of flavors, Dippin Dots topping of your choice, Swedish fish and/or sour patch kids to garnish, and as many spoons as you need, in a full size R-Phils batting helmet – all for just $25! This delicious treat is available at the 3B Ice Cream Stand.

There are so many great food options at America’s Classic Ballpark, and this one is definitely a home run!

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