Spring Training Wrap # 9 —

Rain, Rain GO AWAY — Rain canceled 8 games today, spring_clipart_rain-726645.gifincluding the Philadelphia Phillies two split squad games. The Phillies will be back in action tomorrow hosting the Twins in Clearwater at 1:05 p.m.

So, instead of talking baseball today, I thought it would be fun to give you my thoughts on something that will take place in Reading this season.

Last week we announced our promotional schedule for the upcoming season, and as part of that, we put together our Top 10 promotions for the season — check out the schedule here.

Fans of the popular show Saved By The Bell will want to come out to FirstEnergy Stadium on Wednesday, June 23 to see Dennis Haskins aka Mr. Belding, in what will sure be a night fans will remember forever. Mr. Belding will as he will not only sign autographs, courtesy of Berks Technical Institute, and he will also sing Karaoke, during a pre-game Karaoke party, presented by Rock Hits Y102. I wonder what songs he will sing? Any thoughts? Maybe Schools Out from Alice Cooper? Maybe something by Zack Attack? 

Anyways, I know I am certainly looking forward to meeting and talking to mr belding.gifMr. Belding when he is here. Growing up, ‘Saved by the Bell’ was my favorite show on television — I never missed an episode. In fact, I even have the shows on DVD, which proved to be helpful to our Video Director Andy Kauffman, who will use some clips for our video board on the 23rd — you won’t want to miss that!

For most, the opportunity to see or meet Mr. Belding is like reliving your childhood. Zack, Slater, Screech, Kelly, Jessie, Lisa, were in my living room every Saturday morning when I was a kid — and now, Mr. Belding will be in my backyard — how cool is that?

It’s funny how you get to a point in life when you come to realize you will always still be a kid at heart — and maybe it’s not so much that seeing Mr. Belding will remind me of his role on my favorite show — but the fact that seeing him will bring back so many memories of all the hours I spent watching ‘Saved by the Bell’ all those years!

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