The Year of the Pie Continues…

pie-in-the-face.pngLast night’s pie fest was not the first here in Baseballtown this season, but, it was certainly the longest.

In what was a thrilling 9-8 walk-off victory for the R-Phils last night, the pie returned, and returned, and returned, and well, returned for the first time in awhile. 

Freddy Galvis ripped a game-winning triple in the ninth after a mammoth game-tying two-run blast from Matt Rizzotti, and then was mauled by his teammates who celebrated the spectacular win. Galvis was the Railroad House Player of the Game, and it was my chance to talk to him about that great at-bat, or so I thought.

Sergio Escalona, who has been the pie guy this season, was back at it again on Friday — this time with a pie in each hand and he got Galvis good. While the 20-year-old shortstop was trying to dry off, he was hit again, and again, and again — five pies!

It was an unbelievable night in Baseballtown. The fans were in to it from the first pitch on — and when the game was over, the fans were treated to a game they will never forget.

Friday’s Pie Post-Game Interview 

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