Renovate, Celebrate…

So far, itweston center_2_full.jpg has been another exciting week here in Baseballtown. The $10 Million Renovations are well underway, and progress is really being made quickly here at America’s Classic Ballpark. I am really getting excited for 2011. I can’t wait for April 14, 2011 — the home opener!! Let the countdown to Opening Day begin…

This week, the R-Phils gave fans another great reason to come out to Reading in 2011 with the announcement of the brand-new Weston Center Perfect Smiles Stage. Entertainment will be taken to a new level and I’m really looking forward to all the new possibilities right here at FirstEnergy Stadium.

There are so many other great additions coming to America’s Classic Ballpark, and a great way to keep up with the $10 Million Renovations during the off-season, is to check out the latest videos from R-Phils Video Director Andy Kauffman — great stuff! Make sure you check out his latest masterpiece — a video thanking the construction workers. Even the Crazy Hot Dog Vendor makes an appearance in this one!

Also, another great way to stay up-to-date with the Renovations is to take a tour of the ballpark. That’s right, you can even come out and see things first-hand! As a fan, there are so many ways to stay up-to-date this off-season! We look forward to keeping you in-the-loop. Thanks for your support! 

On a personal note, yesterday (November 16), was my one-year anniversary with the R-Phils, and I couldn’t be happier to begin my second year here. Year one was everything I could have hoped for, and I am looking forward to embarking on an exciting year two! Thanks to everyone who has made that possible.

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