Fat Tuesday, Spring Training, & More

fat_tuesday.gifHappy Fat Tuesday from Reading, PA!

Spring Training for Major League players is now in full-swing, and in less than one week (March 14), Philadelphia Phillies Minor Leaguers will get their turn, as games begin for the Single-A, Double-A, and Triple-A players.

Full Spring Training Schedule

Make sure to come back here all next week for the latest news out of Clearwater. Also, check out www.readingphillies.com for all the latest news and notes as well. There will be recaps, photos, and more each day!

Today is not your ordinary Tuesday. Nope, it’s Fat Tuesday. And, while that doesn’t mean much to me anymore, it’s still a day to celebrate. And, there’s so much to celebrate!

1.) March 14 – Games for the Minor Leaguers begin

2.) More Announcements regarding the 2011 R-Phils season.

3.) Major Press Conference coming up in the near future — more on that later.

4.) Media Day and R-Phils face Lehigh Valley in 222 Showcase on April 5

5.) R-Phils open the season in Portland on April 7

6.) R-Phils Home Opener on Thursday, April 14 at America’s Classic Ballpark.

As you can see, there are many reasons to celebrate! Enjoy Fat Tuesday!  

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