What a Wild Weekend…

The weekend is over, and it’s back to the office for another full week here in Baseballtown. I have lots to do regarding the Baseballtown All-Star Classic. Stay tuned for a feature on a former Eastern League All-Star. That will be written and posted to www.readingphillies.com later today.

It was a weekend with lots of great sports to watch on the tube, and I enjoyed every minute of it.

First, how about another Penn State win? I certainly miss being at Beaver Stadium each Saturday to cheer on the blue and white, but I definitely enjoyed another win on — even if I was watching it from home.

At this point, with the Nittany Lions 6-1, I must ask, where is the love for PSU? As of today, Penn State is not even ranked in the AP Top 25. Come on, get it right! The defense was solid again, and Matt McGloin stepped it up when he was needed. Go PSU!

And, how about another enjoyable week of football in the NFL? The game that I couldn’t wait to watch was in Foxboro, where the Patriots hosted the Cowgirls. What a finish to that one!Tom Brady continues to prove that he is one of the greatest quarterbacks in the history of the game. Did you see that final drive?

Before I was able to watch that one though, I watched the Redskins, led by the worst QB in football (Rex Grossman), give a win to the Eagles. And how about the poor play by Donovan McNabb last night for the Vikings?

I did enjoy the coach vs. coach ending in Detroit. Two young teams (Lions and 49ers) squared-off in what was a great ending — only to be upstaged by Jim Harbaugh and Jim Schwartz. Can we see these two face-off in a boxing match? That would have made for an even better weekend. Harbaugh vs. Schwartz with special enforcer Mike Ditka. I would pay for that on pay-per view right now!

Now, on to baseball. How about those St. Louis Cardinals? The hottest team in all of baseball in the final month of the season will now play in the World Series. What a year it has been for them. Remember when Adam Wainwright was lost for the year before the season even started?

Led by the best player in baseball (Albert Pujols), the Cardinals will be tough to beat in the World Series. They plowed past the Phillies, and Brewers, and now, will face the ultimate test. Now, they move on to face the best team in all of baseball in 2011 — the Texas Rangers.

The Rangers are obviously built on offense, but they have a solid bullpen, solid defense, and could do just about anything. Their storyline is great.

With players such as Josh Hamilton, Michael Young, and Ian Kinsler, the Rangers will be tough to get out. Combine those three with the defensive skills (and bat) of Adrian Beltre — who may have been the best free agent pickup in all of baseball in 2011, and the emergence of Nelson Cruz, the Rangers will be tough.

And, at the trade deadline, who was the busiest, or should I say smartest? It wasn’t the Yankees, who stayed put. It was the Rangers, who added Koji Uehara and Mike Adams to their bullpen. Combine those two with the late addition of Mike Gonzalez, the unhittable Neftali Feliz, and the transition of Alexi Ogando to the ‘pen, and the Rangers are tough to hit in the late innings. Also, don’t forget to add the ageless Darren Oliver to the mix as well. At 65 years-old, this guy can still pitch — wow! Who needs starting pitching anyway?

While this may not have been a World Series most would have guessed on Opening Day, I do believe this will be a good one. I’m looking forward to Wednesday night. Rangers vs. Cardinals — who will win? I am going to say it’s the Rangers in six games. With back-to-back World Series appearances, and a possible ring this season, are we looking at a dynasty? Only time will tell.

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