Congrats to the Cards…

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What a World Series! Amazing! Unbelievable! Unforgettable! Okay, you get the point. It was one of the best ever — and I did not miss a second of it. I was glued to the television for each game — and I was not disappointed.

The 2011 World Series will certainly go down as one of the best ever. And, Game 6 will definitely be considered one of the best World Series games ever played. I’m still thinking about it. What a way to end it! There may be a statue of David Freese in St. Louis soon – keep your eyes open for that.

Isn’t it funny how things work out sometimes? Many fans (except maybe in St. Louis) thought the Cardinals’ season would be over in September. Down 10 1/2 games with not much left in the season, the Cardinals began one of the most remarkable runs in baseball.

It was a combined effort, as many of the players stepped-up at the right time. Led of course by the best player in baseball (Albert Pujols), the Cardinals proved a lot of people wrong. And, the great efforts by the Cardinals made for a great World Series.

”I think the last month of the season, that’s where it started,” Pujols said. ”Different guys were coming huge, getting big hits, and we carried that into the postseason and here we are, world champions.”

Think about what we saw this year in the World Series.

We saw game-winning heroics — numerous times. We saw mis-managing, and over-managing — numerous times. We saw Pujols solidify himself as one of the best players of all-time. Don’t forget he hit three home runs in a game! We saw just how good Chris Carpenter is, and we saw just how important it is to have a full team contribute. From Pujols, to Lance Berkman, to Allen Craig, to Kyle Lohse, the Cardinals proved that they had the right team in place, and in turn, took home their 11th World Championship.

The Cardinals are the Yankees of the National League. Their history is un-matched by many.

So, congratulations to the St. Louis Cardinals and to former R-Phils infielder Nick Punto! It is going to be a crazy offseason for the Cards. They will have a big decision to make with Pujols — who is a free agent. The best player in baseball is going to want to get a big payday. What will the Cards do? Only time will tell.

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