Love & Baseball…

Today is Valentine’s Day, and there’s is only one way to roses.jpgcelebrate — with baseball, chocolates, and roses!

In the midst of the $10 million renovations project, the R-Phils spread some love around Berks County today, and fans of all ages were excited!

Over the last few weeks, the R-Phils gave fans the chance to purchase something for their loved one, and, gave them the option to have either Screwball, or the Crazy Hot Dog Vendor deliver it.

Beginning at 8 a.m. this morning, the R-Phils loaded up their van and headed to residences, work places, and schools to make it a special Valentine’s Day. In all, the R-Phils headed out to 40 different places, and made 40 fans happier than ever before.

Most fans who recieved a gift today were extremely surprised. Each of them ranked it as the best Valentine’s Day gift they have ever received.

Spreading love around Berks County today was a lot of fun. I interviewd the first batch of people this morning, and you can find a video on our website

Today was a great way to get fans thinking about baseball season. With baseball getting started in Florida and Arizona today, the 2011 season is close. The weather warmed up today, and things are really starting to fall into place.

Baseball, as well as love, is in the air.

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