Man’s Best Friend & Baseball…

The R-Phils are stepping things up a notch in many ways this season.

Here’s another example.

Last week, we released the Top “20” Promotions for the upcoming season, and number 5 on the list was the R-Phils three “Dog Days at the Park”.

Fans who love baseball, and who love dogs, will be able to combine their love for each on all three of these days. On April 15 — the second game of the season, fans can bring their pooch to the park and it will only cost them an extra $5 for a Dog Ticket.

Dogs who come out to the game will be welcomed in all areas of the ballpark, which is a first for the 2011 season. The R-Phils will also make it a “Dog Friendly Day’. Expect to hear some great “dog” songs playing throughout the stadium. I mean, who wouldn’t want to hear Atomic Dog by George Clinton?

Here is what was in the original press release…

“Dog Days at the Park”April 15, June 7, and August 10
Friday, April 15 is the first Dog Day at the Park, courtesy of the 830 AM WEEU, and 69 News Berks Edition, and all dogs in attendance will have the run of the park. While the R-Phils have had Dog Days in the past, this year’s Dog Days at the Park will be like no other. 2011 will mark the first time ever that all dogs will be welcome in all areas of FirstEnergy Stadium (dogs will need a special dog night ticket, but dogs are not limited to any one area of the ballpark).

The night will also serve as the first of two “Crazy About Reading” Night’s at the Ballpark, thanks to Renaissance Academy Charter School, with a free ticket for participants and an R-Phils player reading session from 6:00-6:30 p.m. Friday is also the first 4 for $49 Family Night of the 2011 season presented by Capital BlueCross. R-Phils fans can get four box seats, four hot dogs, and four sodas, for only $49. Also, Family Night features pre-game play catch on the field, free player autographs, and balloon art.

On Tuesday, June 7, the R-Phils will hold their second “Dog Day at the Park” of the season, courtesy of 830 AM WEEU and 69 News Berks Edition. The R-Phils will host the Trenton Thunder for a 7:05 p.m. contest, and all dogs will be welcome in all areas of America’s Classic Ballpark. The first 2000 adults will receive an R-Phils Flashlight, thanks to Willow Creek Veterinary.

Every Tuesday is also a special Genesis HealthCare Assisted Living R-Phils Senior Club game, and all R-Phils Senior Club members will receive $3 off their ticket, as well as enjoy a Poolside Chat with Baseballtown Historian Charlie Adams at 5:00 p.m., at the Reading Eagle Pool Picnic Area.

The third and final Dog Day at the Park” will be held on Wednesday August 10. Also on that day, the R-Phils will give out a “Mad Dog” Ryan Madson Dog



    Sounds great, BUT, how are you going to keep the dogs from sitting aside of people who are allergic to dogs?

    • kristy

      they will seperate the dog owners from the general public. the patio is where they will have this at or in the lower levels where the dogs can lay down they will not have this at the general seating with the public who do not have dogs. as i remember them saying last year dog owners will have to have their dogs licensedwith a dog license. i would not worry about it i think it is a cool idea they finally pushed it threw and i think it is cool they make extra monies and plus the dogs can have some fun with their owners to. awesome idea

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